Kognitive Networks created the Kognitive Edge platform to deliver unparalleled connectivity with secure access, for scalable network management with precise control of each endpoint

Optimized for performance and stability over wireless links of any speed and latency


Multi-terminal Starlink / LEO and
5G bandwidth bonding


Security Controls with Zero Trust
Network Access


Seamless interoperability with legacy VSAT

Wireless Aware

The Kognitive Edge platform by Kognitive Networks seamlessly bridges the gap between advanced wireless networks and wired efficiency, unlocking high-speed, low-latency connectivity with unparalleled performance and reliability in any environment.

5G and Starlink are quickly matching traditional wired network performance, ushering in a new era of high-speed internet for remote areas. With native interfaces, advanced bandwidth bonding, and high-level usage statistics, adopting these new technologies using Kognitive Networks' Wireless SASE has never been easier.


Software Centric

The future of network management runs on any hardware, in any setting.

Kognitive’s software-centric approach drives innovation, transforming networks into agile, scalable, and future-ready products that move beyond the bounds of traditional network appliances. Cloud control and virtualized SD-WAN complement available turn-key hardware for a flexible, truly software defined solution.

Unified Management

The power of unified management is evident out of the box. Quick deployment, comprehensive troubleshooting, and customizable periodic reports enable exponentially higher productivity with fewer resources.

Streamline, optimize, and elevate the network management experience through a single pane of glass with organization hierarchy, access controls, alerts from security threats and usages thresholds - solutions that simplify network fabric and prioritize results to improve efficiency.


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Cloud Management
Cloud Management

Full featured SASE cloud control with analytics of all network nodes, with streamlined tools for complex hierarchical organizations.

Remote Access

Simplified support for incoming connections from remote workers and outgoing connectivity to network tenants using Agent and Konnect frameworks


Flexibility on the Edge or at the office, EdgeOS offers robust bonded connectivity for multiple WAN sources and bridges locations – with dedicated hardware or using virtual machines

The Most Powerful Platform for Connectivity

Redefining the standards for Network Management with the most comprehensive toolset for organizations with remote connectivity needs.

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