Edge OS runs on every network node in the Kognitive Edge ecosystem. Frontend control of physical interfaces and configuration of network parameters complement innovative WAN controls for satellite, 5G/LTE, WiFi, and hardwired network sources. Quick configuration of security rules, QoS using deep packet inspection, and setting up VLANs can be accomplished on-premise and the familiar Edge OS interface can be accessed seamlessly through the cloud.



The Service Portal (SPORT) gives a broad overview of all the Edge nodes/devices and connected systems in your fleet. Monitor high-level connectivity and usage patterns across site with Advanced Analytics and instantly connect to any device on the network through an intuitive web portal. Advanced algorithms and AI collect and manage cellular and satellite connectivity globally, providing asset physical location overlayed with network availability to aid in troubleshooting and full transparency of network availability.

Monitor and control any device in your fleet over the cloud, conveniently accessible anywhere in the world with your iOS or Android device. Support your customers by quickly accessing metrics to aid in enhanced troubleshooting. The mobile app enables quick changes of any device in your fleet – including device activation, bandwidth throttling, or detailed WAN/LAN configurations.

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Connect to any device on the EdgeOS remote network using Kognitive's powerful Konnect technology. Konnect automates adding connection profiles and one click connectivity to systems from the cloud.

EdgeServer - Pro Edition
Kognitive's EdgeServer products provide a powerful On-Premise addition to network infrastructure and enable Best in Class SD-WAN capabilities through Edge OS. The full featured Pro edition has the flexibility, inputs, and horsepower to be the cornerstone of a network installation, providing an innovative SD-WAN frontend experience. With multiple WAN link bandwidth bonding, Point of Presence (PoP) drop-off, full featured firewall, and Virtual LAN (VLAN) configurability, the EdgePro transforms traditional networks with cutting edge connectivity.

EdgeServer - Fit Edition
A cloud managed edge platform providing advanced SD-WAN, Security, QoS, and LAN services, the EdgeServer Fit edition can be placed almost anywhere. Running full Edge OS, the Fit provides the right amount of features for targeted installs and can be configured to do almost anything - including bonding 4G/5G and Starlink, out of the box.

EdgeAscent 5G Modem

EdgeModem - 5G Ascent
The Ascent Modem by Kognitive Networks is a 5G cellular modem featuring dual SIM functionality and USB-C for data and power. It integrates with Kognitive EdgeOS for advanced connection control and bandwidth bonding. Designed for versatile environments, it offers 5G connectivity with 4G/LTE fallback, suitable for urban and rural areas. The modem supports high bandwidth and includes 4x4 MIMO with external antennas required. It's compatible with various other operating systems, including Linux and Windows 10/11, making it a flexible option for diverse applications.
Edge Ascent 5G Modem