Kognitive Networks Inc. Signs Multi-Year Deal with Panasonic Avionics Corporation

Kognitive Networks' expansion shows technological applicability to diverse vertical markets - Maritime, Aviation, and land-based Enterprises.


Kognitive Networks Welcomes Sanjay Bhartiya as Chief Revenue Officer

Kognitive Networks is pleased to announce the appointment of Sanjay Bhartiya as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), effective May 28th, 2024.


Streamlining Starlink Connectivity: A Kognitive Edge Approach to Dropouts

In the maritime world, where the open sea presents vast connectivity challenges, the SpaceX Starlink satellite system has quickly emerged as the leading connectivity solution.


A Tech Stack for Digital Agriculture Innovation

Dive into the journey of AgTech from the 19th century's mechanical innovations to today's era of digital breakthroughs, highlighted at the 2024 AgTech Summit. Delve into the intricacies of John Deere's tech stack and discover how embracing open tech stacks can revolutionize AgTech, seamlessly integrating field data with cloud technologies for a sustainable farming future.


Cultivating the Future with Kognitive Networks

As agricultural operations increasingly rely on analytics and real-time digital controls, Kognitive Networks steps in to Connect these remote sites using the latest in 5G and satellite technologies.


Empowering First Responders with Kognitive Networks

First responders need reliable Wireless Internet to connect in every situation. Kognitive Networks offers turnkey networking solutions, leveraging Starlink, 5G, and VSAT, optimized to secure and manage the networks that are crucial for first responders.


Retail Solutions for Competitive Advantage

With consumers now well-versed in instant comparison shopping and accustomed to two-day delivery of most products, the retail environment must present a compelling and streamlined experience to continue to entice people to shop in person.

KVH and Kognitive Networks Pen Partnership Agreement

Kognitive Networks Inc. is pleased to announce a long-term strategic partnership with KVH for deployment of its network management software.


K4 Mobility is now Kognitive Networks

Kognitive Networks is revolutionizing network management by bringing Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SDWAN) and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) technologies to a broad array of industries and use cases.