Kognitive Networks

Our Mission

Kognitive Networks builds secure digital platforms that unify communications technologies to harness the power of the internet for business.

Widely deployed for maritime use and in terrestrial industries alike, Kognitive specializes in total network management solutions – bridging satellite links and traditional land-based networks to optimize connectivity.

While providing a comprehensive platform with the tools partners need to provide managed service, Kognitive Networks is focused on forming innovative partnerships that help actualize the potential of the wireless future.

Kognitive Networks' block diagram showing a complex network management system

Michael Small

Michael Small

Chairman and Co-Founder

Anand Chari

Anand Chari

CEO and Co-Founder

Bryan Lauer

Bryan Lauer

Chief Technology Officer

Rishi Potdar

Rishi Potdar

Chief Financial Officer

Craig Sylla

Craig Sylla

Senior Architect


Jared Simon

Director of Products


Justin Smith

Director of Solutions Engineering


Darryl Matfin

Sales Director


Rukmani Loganathan

Director of Engineering


Ravi Kiran Eticala

Software Architect

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